Leasing Your Home

Great News – Your House Has Income Potential!

Benefits of Leasing Your Home

From a homeowner’s perspective, you want a better understanding about the process of leasing your home and having your property managed.  Most importantly, you need confidence to know that your best interests are being served.

We are recognized as a top option for owners leasing out an executive home as well as those seeking an executive rental.  In addition, our industry-leading tenant retention, high-quality clients, and in-depth processes make each home in our care effective rental properties.  Above all, we are here to oversee the whole leasing process and provide you with a peace of mind that your asset is well taken care of and protected.


First, we want to understand your situation for considering leasing your residential property.  For instance, the house may simply be a rental income property or maybe you will be out of the country for an extended period of time and would like to take advantage of the opportunity to earn extra income.  Secondly, we need to determine if this would be a short-term or long-term lease, again depending on your particular situation.

Our job is to find the best tenant to fit your leasing profile. Similarly, we are here to manage the whole process, beginning to end, by finding a qualified tenant, prepare lease agreements, and collect rent payments on your behalf.  Finally, we can take care of maintenance issues and provide house inspections to ensure everything is running well and in good order during your absence.


The next step is to determine the potential rental income. Creative Housing Real Estate is a full-service rental and real estate company, therefore, our experience in the housing industry is not limited.  In fact, we are continuously monitoring the housing market from different angles. As a result, we aware of the current market supply and demand and therefore able to give you the best information of potential income.

We will tour your home and give you an honest opinion of the potential income range that is appropriate for the size, location and condition of your home.


First, we will identify and qualify a potential renter.  Secondly, we will determine the rent amount.  And finally, we will assist in drafting the paperwork and lease with terms and conditions included. Our role is to mediate between both the lessee and the renter to agree on mutual terms.

Once you have moved out and the renter has moved in, we offer additional management services to make the experience easier for you.  If you choose, we are able manage the rent collection, maintenance and inspection of your home, per your discretion. In other words, the choice is yours to enlist us for these additional services. We want to give you peace of mind that your home is in good hands, well taken care of and that your interests are being protected.


We have services available to maintain your home while you are away and avoid unnecessary damage or wear and tear to the home.

Repairs? We can coordinate professional repairs and services for things that need attention in your absence. It happens, appliances quit working, faucets leak and sometimes storms cause outside damage to a house. Of course, we never want these things to happen, but it is a part of life. We can handle these issues for you!

Inspections. Our professional inspectors are available to walk through your home on a periodic basis to ensure that your home is being well maintained and that everything is in working order. We provide photo documentation along with a 250 point inspection report. Again, we want to give you peace of mind that your property is well cared for!

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