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Exceptional Property Management From 50+ Years Experience

Whether the house you are leasing is an investment property or your family home, you want your interests well maintained and protected. Creative Housing Real Estate understands that you want peace of mind from an exceptional property management service company. Our 50 years of experience speaks for itself.

Our team handles all the details from contract negotiations, renters’ management and house maintenance. You can relax while away from your home and know that we are always available to address any issue, question or concern.  That is our job and our goal is your satisfaction of a job done well.


Services to clean your home, to maintain your lawn and provide snow removal are available if you choose. Often these items are negotiated within the terms of the lease, however, if you wish to have these things managed, we are happy to fulfill the request.


Repairs? We can coordinate professional repairs and services for things that need attention in your absence. It happens, appliances quit working, faucets leak and sometimes storms cause outside damage to a house. Of course, we never want these things to happen, but it is a part of life. We can handle these issues for you!


Inspections. Our professional inspectors are available to walk through your home on a periodic basis to ensure that your home is being well maintained and that everything is in working order. We provide photo documentation along with a 250 point inspection report. Again, we want to give you peace of mind that your property is well cared for!


We offer these same in-depth processes and services to clients who prefer not to have someone present in the home while away. However, the importance of ongoing care for a home when it is vacant is highly recommended. We maintain your home while you are away and avoid unnecessary damage or wear and tear to the home.

General home care, maintenance service and home inspections are available and recommended for vacant properties! You can choose the level of property maintenance that best fits your needs and will give you peace of mind while away.

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