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Buying and Selling Residential Property

There are so many things to consider when investing in a house to call home. Most often it is an emotional investment for your family.  All the choices about location, style, size and price are unique to every owner’s personality and financial situation.  Our network of brokers offers extensive resources across our primary markets to help you find that perfect home.

As an experienced team it is also our responsibility and privilege to analyze all options to best meet your short and long term financial goals of investing in a property.  This is what we do best!  We enjoy leading you through the process of buying and/or selling a property by presenting data to help you make the best investment decision for you and your family.

Real estate is more than a one time transaction.  Trust our experience and expertise in making a choice about your next real estate opportunity!


We not only show you the best properties that fit your needs but also ensure you have all the key details investors use to make decisions on the true value of the property.


Listing at the right price can be the most important part of selling your home for what it’s worth. Traditional agents focus on upgrades and price it to sell quickly, not necessarily optimally. Our goal is the highest net sale price for the seller. We help analyze different scenarios with our extensive experience and ensure all factors are considered in the listing process.


Partnering with a team that watches the market daily and analyzes the market constantly for investors gives you an advantage of a team that fully understands when and how listings are put on the market as well as when and how changes need to be addressed achieving maximum return.


With our extensive industry involvement, we offer a diverse array of options to sellers which can add enormous returns in the sale of their property when the pressure to sell quickly is not a factor in the determination of value. Many of our sellers have achieved tens of thousands and some hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional profit by managing their sale process dynamically and utilizing additional options we offer.


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  • Private property rental and management
  • Investment property analysis and Buyer representation
  • Traditional home purchase and sale
  • Single family homes
  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • Duplex
  • Multi-unit buildings 1-4 units

Real estate can be a very useful investment tool with varying levels of risk and return that can appease a wide variety of investors. We specialize in analyzing the details of properties to achieve consistent secure returns. There are also great tax advantages and long term value incentives with real estate investment. Contact us to learn more.

Creative Housing Real Estate takes pride in offering consistent reliable service with no additional fees for the standard services that fall under property management. This allows us to act on behalf of the homeowner with no question of our resolve to simply provide the best possible service with the highest net income on their investment. Unlike other management companies we have not motivation to incentivize maintenance and can act in the interest of the homeowner with their knowledge that our actions are all in their best interest.

The time on market can vary from location to location however we have systems geared towards avoiding any vacancy for the homes we manage. Homeowners who follow our guidance operate between 0-5% vacancy. Standard timeframes that adhere to this are listing 30-45 days prior to the date of vacancy.