Leave your housing worries to us. We will make sure you find a place you feel comfortable enough in to call home. No matter how far you travel, or how long you need to stay, we have the rental services you need to make your move quick and simple.

While most of us are sheltering place, for some essential workers, the show must go on! If you must relocate during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have some pointers on how to not only do it safely, but efficiently.

  1. Make sure your space is clean

Ask your relocating service what protocols they are taking to be proactive against the spread of the coronavirus. At CHS, we have suspended reoccurring housekeeping services to limit the number of individuals entering your new space. Turn cleans are completed between guests, which lengthens the amount of time between guests. Our cleaning crews wear appropriate personal protective equipment, and clean with hospital grade disinfectant. The suites go untouched after the final clean, ensuring safety of our clients.

  1. Use new boxes or boxes YOU own

The coronavirus can live on a cardboard box for up to 24 hours! Therefore, in this day in age, using a recycled box from the grocery store or a neighbor isn’t your best bet. It’s best to avoid using recycled boxes from other sources. You can purchase new boxes from Amazon, home improvement and office supply stores, and PODSBoxes.com, which offers free delivery. Make sure you wipe down items and boxes before moving with disinfecting wipes to remove all bacteria.

Now, factoring in the moving company, it’s necessary to take the following precautions. A few things that you should consider:

  • Do they have a virtual survey instead of an in-home survey to provide price estimates?
  • Has the moving crew been screened for symptoms?
  • Do they have hand sanitizer in all of the trucks?
  • Do the movers wear gloves and masks?
  • Are their cleaning procedures heightened for shared, high-touch surfaces?
  • Do they offer free storage if your home isn’t ready yet?

Give your moving company a call an make sure they are keeping you safe!

  1. Practice social distancing at all times, even when relocating!

A new place means new people. Fun! Right?… Well, not AS fun during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s important to keep your distance. Ensure that you adhere to these social distancing measures when attending the communal areas, such as mailboxes, trash, garages, etc. While being cooped up during the day, you may have the urge to get your groove on, but please be mindful of noise levels during building quiet hours! Those dance parties, TV binges, and at home workouts should be scheduled accordingly. Speaking of at home workouts, we all have to keep active! Take the stairs instead of the elevator. This allows you to keep out of close quarters with other tenants, avoid touching the germ-covered elevator buttons, and add a little cardio to your daily routine!

Some things are out of our control, like when your pipes decide they’ve had enough and burst, or your toilet stops working. Make sure you are calling in maintenance orders or requesting them online! Non-urgent maintenance requests have been put on hold, however priority/urgent needs will still be addressed. Be respectful and adhere to social distancing if maintenance does need to access your suite.

  1. Ask about contract flexibility during these uncertain times

We’re all uncertain about what is to come. How can your relocating company ease this uncertainty? Here’s what CHS can do for you! Due to travel restrictions, if you need to vacate your lease early, we work diligently to minimize or eliminate early termination fees. We can also re-rent the suite to alleviate financial exposure. Should you need to extend your stay, we work directly with management to acquire the needed term extension at the lowest cost possible. Our clients and CHS are one team, we’re going to work together to find the best solution!

We’re here to help you navigate your move during these challenging times. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions!

Stay safe, be well, and remember to wash your hands!

The CHS team

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